A few days ago we spotted a pair of Samsung in-ear Bluetooth earbuds making their way through the FCC, jump forward to today and Samsung have announced the Gear Icon X. The rechargeable Bluetooth earbuds are not just your standard earbuds Samsung have integrated fitness tracking right into the ear buds as well as local storage so you can go for a run completely phone free.

The Gear IconX feature:

  • Bluetooth cinnectivity
  • Rechargable battery, via charging case and POGO pins on the device
  • Touch control
  • 4GB internal storage
  • Heart rate monitor

Battery life on these little guys leaves a little to be desired, as around 1.5 hours when connected via Bluetooth and just over 3 is using their internal storage. The included charging case holds and extra two charges before needing topping up itself, however, these are not the kind of device you can pop in your ear and say “connected” all day.

Samsung is definitely targeting the fitness market with these devices. Even when used on their own the earbuds provide regular voice updates on heart rate, distance, speed, duration and calories burned. When connected to your smartphone the earbuds can provide real-time heart rate data to partner apps.

The touch panel on the ear buds allows for play, pause, skip track and volume control through a set of taps and swipes. The earbuds come in black, blue and white. We’ve been in contact with Samsung Australi re local pricing and availability, at present all they were able to share was “Samsung Gear IconX will be launching in Australia very soon. Pricing and availability will be shared closer to the local launch dates”. We will stay in contact and will let you know all the details when they become available.

How do the Gear IconX headphones look to you? Let us know in the comments.

Source: Samsung.
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Milty C

For me this product has real potentional. I wont be working out for longer 90 minutes, thats for sure, so battery not an issue.


compared to the Bragi or Earrin, the battery life on this is terrible. whose going to pay $300AUD for a pair of headphones that only has 1.5hrs battery life?

not like our smart watch and smart phones have enough fitness tracking on it already, why do we need one on our ear?