Xiaomi Mi Band 2

If you’re after a bit of fitness tracking but don’t want to drop a hundred bucks or more on one of the top end Fitbit or Garmin solutions, then as we’ve said in our review of the first and second release devices – the range of MiBands from Xiaomi have to be on your list of possible purchases. They offer some solid data on your step count, your daily activity time and your sleep patterns. Now with the MiBand 2 there’s even more reason to head down the path of fitness tracking.

Like the older versions, The Mi Band 2 is water resistant so you can wear it all day every day but unlike its older brother the MiBand 2 has an OLED display to give you time display and feedback on your daily activity (data display is changeable at the touch of a button) without the need to check the app; yet still has a 20-day battery life.

Mi Band 2 Spec List:

  • Fitness, heart rate and sleep tracker
  • OLED display, view time, step count, heart rate
  • 20-day battery, IP67 water resistant
  • ADI accelerometer and optical heart rate sensor
  • Anodized 0.05mm ultra-thin button
  • Upgraded pedometer algorithm
  • Hypoallergenic silicone band
  • 2nd gen Bluetooth 4.0 for faster, stable connections

The Mi Band 2 isn’t selling yet, but you can pre-order it from at least 2 importers who will send it to you around mid-July, that we found with a quick search. You can probably find some more but GearBest has it for $54.78 and BangGood has it for $56.28.
Does the OLED display useful functionality to the MiBand for you?

Source: Xiaomi Facebook.
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nice! I got sick of my Mi Band not having a screen, felt pretty useless also the fact all it is was a glorified pedometre, I’m keen for this.


OMG $50?!?!?! I suppose it’s still cheaper than the fitbits and what nots out there and it has more features.

Also, my miband v1 consistently gave me 60 days battery life ^^ But after a year, the band has just died but I will purchase a replacement