Summer is Coming
Collectors of artist Andrew Bell’s cute little Android mini figures are feeling a little blue of late, the lack of a new artist series has meant that they’ve been left chasing the special ‘Google editions’ distributed to Googlers – a singularly hard thing to do unless you know a Googler. But you can rest easy, with Andrew Bell announcing that a new series Artists series, as well as some new editions are on their way.

Launched in February 2015, it’s now been 16 months since Andrew Bells last Artist series, featuring specially designed Androids from a range of talented artists from all over the world. But a Series 6 is coming soon, featuring 16 designs from 10 different artists.

The notable ‘For Science’ series, which launched last year featuring three notable scientists: Nikola Tesla, Madame Curie and Isaac Newton is also getting a second series with three new scientists.

Finally, a new 2016 summer edition will be launching with a combo of a 3″ Android and a keychain partner.

When the series will launch hasn’t been announced beyond ‘soon’, so it’ a matter of wait and see. But get your wallets ready because they aren’t cheap to import into Australia. We’ll be talking with local dealers here in Australia about distribution so we’ll let you know how that goes.

Source: +Andrew Bell.