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Instagram has this morning announced that their algorithmic feed, which shows ‘moments you care about first’, is on its way out to all users.

The feed update is based on their analytics which show that on average, people miss 70 percent of their feeds. The reason why are varied, but with many people following a lot of people and tend to dip into Instagram only sporadically, they tend not to scroll all the way back.

Instagram has been trialling their new feed ordering system over the last few months and found that the new system is working. In their data, they’re seeing people are liking more photos, commenting more and ‘engaging with the community in a more active way’.

Instagram seems quite positive on this new system, if it’s showing that kind of data they’re sure it’s working. Regarding missing your friends latest posts, or your favourite Instagramers posts Instagram says:
With this new ordering you won’t miss your favorite band’s video after the concert, even if it took place across the world in a different time zone. And no matter how many accounts you follow, you should see your best friend’s latest posts.

It’s coming. Instagram says they will be rolling it out over the coming month, so by July you should all be seeing an algorithms idea of your most important posts.

The effect this will have on Instagram use as a whole will be interesting once it hits a mass audience as opposed to test audiences. Popular Instagram users response to this will also be interesting with the amount of views on their posts often contributing to their income.

What can you do about this? Well, not much. There is a feedback button of sorts on Instagrams Help site which lets you hit a ‘sad face’ icon below their support doco on the new feature. You can then select the ‘I don’t like how this works’ option – it’s not much, but it’s your baby insanity wolf way to fight the man.
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Source: Instagram BlogInstagram Help Centre.