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Lenovo Tech World is on next week in San Francisco, and this is where we are expecting to see the latest high-end devices from Lenovo, including the Moto Z – the spiritual successor to the Moto X line. As we have previously covered the Moto Z is expected to come with swappable rear modules including cameras, battery packs, speakers and swappable covers.

Thanks to today’s leak we are getting our first look at how the finished back of the device will look with a range of swappable covers. Take a look below:

From what we can see in these images, it looks like Motos swappable covers will be available in a range of materials including, wood look (perhaps real wood), bamboo, leather and good old plastic. All of the covers have a coloured aperture for the fingerprint sensor, it will be interesting to see what material this is made out of and if it affects the longevity of the covers.

We’ve got Dan attending Lenovo Tech World to bring us live coverage, hands-on demos and all the details he can on Australian availability, pricings etc. Join us later in the week (3am Friday morning AEST) as we cover the keynote address, or you could stay in your warm bed and wake up to all of our coverage.

Are you interested in the Moto Z? Let us know what you’re expecting.

Source: HelloMotoHK.

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    It’s like as though Sony called Motorola Lenovo and said hey we’re bored of Z want to swap for X?

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