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Google’s open suggestion box on what the next tasty treat Android N will be named after has officially closed. The website which was up till today accepting suggestions is now advising that the name for Android N will be announced ‘soon’. The official Android Twitter account though is a little more specific advising the name will drop in just a few weeks.

The tweet which came out earlier, is paired with another video featuring this time the ‘CEO’ of Professional Naming Inc., the company Google has been using to promote their ‘competition’ for naming Android N, listing off just who could come up with the name for Android N – spoiler: it’s anyone.

The fact that the name for Android N will be announced in a few weeks, also suggests that a new lawn statue will be joining the existing statues at the Googleplex shortly. Giovanni Calabrese, the man at Themendous, the company that has been creating the statues since their inception must surely be hard at work. The Themendous blog has put up a brief history of all the Android statues they’ve created for Google over the years recently and it’s definitely worth a look.

Google - 2WM

If you’re interested, I took a few pictures at the Googleplex last year of the Android statue garden where they’re now located and I`ll be updating that with more pics, including the Marshmallow statue soon.

A new name, a new statue and according to the official timeline for the Android N dev preview, we’re only 2 previews away from a final release. It’s getting down to the wire, so what flavour, and what version number of Android will we see when it’s finally all revealed?

Source: ThemendousOfficial Android.
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    Daniel Narbett

    Disappointed they didn’t include ‘Namey McNameface’ in their graphic above ; )