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MillwardBrown, has today released their 2016 ‘BrandZ’ report which lists according to them the top 100 most valuable global brands for 2016. As with last years list there has been some rises, falls and entrants falling off the list, but the top spot has been taken by Google after Apple knocked them off the number 1 spot last year.

A bit of background, on the BrandZ report, it’s released annually by MillwardBrown, a company focused on the brand value of global companies. They are operated as part of the Kantar Group, the analysis company who supplies data on market share for mobile phones around the world through the Katar World Panel report. The BrandZ report is a full 141 pages and is available with the MillwardBrown analysis of this years rankings.

The actual list shows of course that Google is now number 1 – though Apple remains close behind at number 2. The only three mobile device manufacturers are of course HP, Samsung and Huawei. HP dropped 3 places to land at 42 on the list this year, as did Samsung landing at number 48. One of the biggest risers on the list is Chinese manufacturer Huawei who have risen up 20 places to land at number 50.

The complete list is available in the report, or for a screenshot you can check it out here.

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Australian companies make the list, or don’t as the case may be, with the Commonwealth Bank dropping from 48 to 64 on the list and ANZ dropping from 59 to 77th on the list.

Telstra had a win though ending up at 78 on the list, up 4 places from last year.

Two companies who fell out of the most valuable brands list this year include Westpac and Woolworths who were listed at number 84 and 87 in last years list.

The full report is now available to read online so if that’s your thing you can check it out on their website.

Source: MillwardBrown.