At Lenovo’s TechWorld today in San Francisco, Lenovo and Google have unveiled the worlds first consumer Project Tango device – the Phab2Pro. The phone is a big step in launching a concept that allows a mobile device to become aware of its position, as well as sense size in physical space in the real world. As part of this, Project Tango product manager Johnny Lee has announced that Google has dropped the project tag and going forward the platform will be known as just Tango.

Tango enabled apps will be available through Google Play with apps able to detect Tango enabled hardware and unlock extra software options. Tango is going to be a big step forward for Augmented Reality, with a large number of software partner announced at the event this morning.
The move from project to fully fledged product is massive, and even Lenovo is talking about further Tango enabled devices coming to market down the track beyond the release of the Phab2Pro.

If you want to see what Tango can do, Google has released a number of new videos showing off the power of Tango :