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Optus is fast becoming the home of football in Australia, today announcing they have secured the broadcast and digital rights for 18 matches of the International Champions Cup (ICC) tournament.

While 15 matches are exclusive, Optus will simulcasting three matches with Channel Nine who retain the rights to the three Australian matches that will be played in Melbourne in July. The 15 matches will be played across China, as well as in the US and across Europe featuring teams such as Leicester City, Liverpool FC, La Liga winners, Barcelona FC and Ligue 1 winners, Paris Saint-German.

The deal expands Optus’ already strong football offerings for fans, which sees them already the exclusive rights holder for the EPL in the 2016/2017 season, as well as all 64 World Cup 2018 matches.

Ben White, Managing Director, Marketing and Products at Optus said:

We know that football fans want the ability to see football matches live when they happen, not on long delay. Securing the live rights to the International Champions Cup further demonstrates Optus’ commitment to delivering exciting live football experiences to our customers

The ICC kicks off on the 22nd of July with any customer who has signed up to an EPL subscription on an EPL eligible plan able to watch the matches.


China All Live
Friday, July 22 Shanghai Manchester United v. Dortmund
Monday, July 25 Beijing Manchester City v. Manchester United
Thursday, July 28 Shenzhen Dortmund v. Manchester City
USA/Europe All Exclusively Live
Saturday, July 23 Glasgow Celtic FC v. Leicester City
Sunday July 24 Orlando PSG v. Inter Milan
Wednesday, July 27 Columbus Real Madrid v. PSG
Wednesday, July 27 Chicago Bayern v. AC Milan
Wednesday, July 27 Pasadena Liverpool v. Chelsea
Saturday, July 30 Dublin Barcelona v. Celtic
Saturday, July 30 Ann Arbor Chelsea v Real Madrid
Saturday, July 30 Charlotte Bayern v. Inter
Saturday, July 30 Santa Clara Liverpool v. AC Milan
Saturday, July 30 Los Angeles PSG v. Leicester City
Wednesday, August 3 Stockholm Barcelona v. Leicester City
Wednesday, August 3 New York Bayern v. Real
Wednesday, August 3 Minneapolis Chelsea v. AC Milan
Saturday August 6 London Liverpool v. Barcelona
Saturday, August 13 Limerick Celtic v. Inter
ICC Matches played Australia will be shown by Channel Nine:
Saturday, July 23 Melbourne Melbourne Victory FC v. Juventus
Saturday August 6 Melbourne Juventus v. Tottenham Hotspur
Saturday, August 13 Melbourne Tottenham Hotspur v. Atlético de Madrid
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It’s football when will u idiots learn don’t write articles if you don’t know the name soccer is like 1998 , seriously pathetic journalists , if this stupid pathetic
Moronic country and its dumb people can’t learn to call it football then they’re worse than Isis, afl has its own name , idiot ball

David Cook

That’s just silly and not really on topic. Whatever people want to call it and whatever you think about the country I assume you are in, OPTUS is disrupting the market which is clever by them and a big gamble. My sons like to watch EPL and are MCFC members and go to the home games. One also plays AFL but we all like to watch a lot of sports including the world game in true HD on Foxtel. OPTUS from what I have seen so far will not be able to deliver true HD to a full size TV… Read more »


Ou wander it’s football

David Cook

My biggest fear is that they will get HAL. If they do they they will have a very strong pull for the Aus audience. I hope FOX can defend the attacks because I am enjoying the true HD experience that cannot be offered by any form of streamed internet no matter how you dress it up.


The ICC is just a series of exhibition matches that no-one takes particularly seriously. I can’t see this tempting anyone over to Optus’ ridiculous ‘offer’.


Still it’s football where afl girly fans can only watch one league and follow 1 team boringgggg snooze let
Kill myself please hah


It’s all relative. When the EPL was shown on SBS many moons ago then foxtel bought it did you hear everybody complaining that they had to buy a foxtel subscription? No. Now foxtel has lost it to optus. Swings and roundabouts…

PS: Soccer, Football? doesn’t really matter still great to watch.

PPS: I get it for free with my cable/home phone bundle. Ha!!! It’s been a looooong wait.


It’s always football Australians are just arrogant idiots like the dumb yanks, afl has a passionate following lol dole bludgers and bogans with iq less than 10 lol we rule the world


Dear Optus, I hope nobody takes you up on the outrageous scam you call ‘an offer’ to watch your EPL coverage. That is until such time as you stop holding us to ransom. Give us a decent service at a reasonable price and we will pay. Give us a second-rate streaming service while trying to lock us into your internet connections (with all the well-documented incredibly poor service) and people will give you the middle finger and go and find a ‘dodgy’ stream instead. Learn this lesson quickly while you can still salvage something from this debacle you have created.… Read more »


Does anyone watch soccer..


Jeez…. this is such a ridiculous comment….


No one watches soccer. They watch football; you know, what the sport’s actually called.


Can Optus just piss off. Thanks.


*football 😉

Daniel Tyson

Soccer ;P