Samsung has won the race to become the first OEM to release the June 2016 Android Security Updates for one of its handsets, with an update for the Galaxy Note 5 appearing on one of our review devices in the last day or so. Samsung are doing a pretty good job with the monthly security updates, which Google initiated to mitigate against significant security exploits like Stagefright which caused a bit of a fright not all that long ago.

If you’ve got an unlocked Galaxy Note 5, we recommend checking for the update, as it should be available to you very soon. We’re expecting the updates on other recent Samsung devices too, including the Galaxy S7 range, and probably the Galaxy S6 range (though that may take a little longer).


This is great news for anyone who bought an unlocked device, now we wait for the carriers to test and approve the updates so watch this space.

If you’ve got an update on your device or have some other news don’t forget to tip us.

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Speaking of security, nearly everytime I visit Ausdroid now I’m getting those fucking, Your phone has been compromised by a virus, pop ups. You need to sort your own website out NOW!


There’s nothing wrong with our website, thanks. We spend quite literally hundreds of hours maintaining it and keeping it secure, as fast as can be, and functional. The problem, you’ll find, is with Google’s AdSense, where they let any asshole advertise, including all those bottom feeding “you have a virus” ads. We do our best to block them, but unfortunately the nature of AdSense is kind of like a Hydra. Block one of those ads, and the next day, two more appear. You simply can’t block all of them, and because Ausdroid relies on advertising revenue to actually survive, there’s… Read more »


Ok, thank you for your quick reply. I’ll just keep hitting that back button cause I think Ausdroid is great for Aussie Android users.


We appreciate that Alex. We try to get rid of these ads as quickly as we can, but they can be _very_hard to identify. Usually these ads only appear on mobile, so you can use either (a) our Ausdroid app or (b) Feedly (or another RSS reader) to avoid seeing those kind of ads on mobile.

We’ve had no reports of these kind of ads on Desktop.


Samsung are not doing well with the monthly security updates unless perhaps you’ve their latest and greatest. My galaxy note 4 hasn’t seen a security update since January.