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Viber is one of the top third-party messaging apps, offering a truly cross-platform experience with apps (versus web apps) for Windows, Mac, Linux as well as mobile OS applications for Android, iOS and all 12 Windows phone users. Much like their competitors in the messaging space, Viber has continued to improve their offering with group chats, public chats (used by some celebrities), Stickers, Voice Calls and Video calls. The latest update for Android has added the ability to back up your messages to Google Drive simply by connecting your Viber app to Google Drive, then pressing “back up”.

Viber Backup

Anyone who has had to change phones knows the annoyance of going to find a message, only to remember that it was actually on the old phone not the new one, and being unable to find it. Viber has addressed an issue that probably only affects a reasonably small number of users, which shows their commitment to user experience.

If you’re a Viber user, what is the one feature you really want that is currently missing

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What do you mean by “an issue that probably only affects a reasonably small number of users”?

– there are a small number of Viber users?
– there are a small number of Viber users who (have had to) change phones?
– there are a small number of Viber users who (have had to) change phones, and care about old messages/message history?


The latter.


Love it!
Best way to connect with family and friends overseas.