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The Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) is in full swing for 2016 and we’re keeping our eyes out for interesting Android announcements. Bethesda, the game development house behind games from the Skyrim and Fallout franchises, as well as Fallout shelter on Android, is introducing one of their largest gaming IPs to Android, the Elder Scrolls.

Elder Scrolls: Legends will be Bethesda’s take on the digital card game genregenre, popularised by titles such as Hearthstone from the Warcraft franchise. The twist Bethesda is bringing to the table is a story or ‘campaign’ mode. As someone who’s not interested in PVP (play vs player) games, I for one would be far more likely to try a digital card game with a single player mode.

Check out the announcement trailer below:

With the game coming to Android, PC and iOS you may also be able to pick and play across the various platforms. Sounds cool. 

Are you interested in a story-driven digital card game like this? Let us know below.

Source: Bethesda.

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