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Real estate site Domain has been at the forefront of matching you with your dream home since they launched all the way back as a section of Fairfax News in 1999. They’ve adapted to and embraced the digital revolution with the web and subsequently mobile apps in the last few years. In their latest update, Domain has introduced a new check-in method that will take the pain out of signing in at a property you’re interested in.

Domain has been building out their Android tools over the last few years, adding in Google Now support, Android Wear integration and this new functionality adds in even more benefits for using Domain to look for your next property.

Using the app, you can now use your phone to easily check-in when you reach a property, transferring your contact details to the estate agent automatically using Bluetooth to detect you’ve reached a property. Having an auto-check-in allows you to skip the usual line of people waiting to leave their details, leaving you to simply walk in and start looking around.

While Bluetooth allows for fast transfer, the power draw of leaving Bluetooth on can be onerous for some users and an alternative QR code check-in pass can be generated to quickly transfer your details if needed.

The Domain Check-in not only allows you to transfer your details when you get to a property, it also transfers your preferences for properties as well as offering the option to add properties to an inspection planner.
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Domain’s Chief Product Officer Damon Pezaro said:

Anyone who has spent time looking for property knows how time-consuming the process of inspections can be. People are used to seamless mobile registration processes in other industries, so we’re excited to to bring the property market up to the same standards.

Property hunters should be asking their agents to get on board with Domain Check-In to make their lives a whole lot easier. It simplifies the whole process and saves weekends.

We’re always looking for ways to make the process of finding a property easier and faster at Domain.

Domain as a company has been concentrating on Android for some time, seeing the platform as a fast way to iterate on features like Check-in which was in beta test for some time. Domain uses Google Plays beta program, consisting of a few hundred users to test features at scale before launching them to the wider public.

Domains position as one of the most popular property apps on Google Play, allows them to introduce new features to their app partnering with real-estate agencies around Australia. For the Check-In function, Domain has partnered with more than 3000 agencies across Australia, meaning you’ll probably find this feature available in your area.

One partner on board is Nick Deflorio, from Belle Property Mosman who trialled Domain Check-In with his buyers. Of the new system he said:

I have been trialling Domain Check-In for the past few months and my house inspections have been totally revolutionised for those buyers using the app. It’s much more efficient and enjoyable for everyone, me included.

The Check-In feature on Domain’s Android app is available now on Google Play, if you’re trying to find your slice of heaven in the real-estate market you should try it out this weekend. Head over to Google Play and download it now.

Source: Domain.