Google App and The Voice
The Voice Australia aired the first of their live shows last night, allowing with votes from you for your favourite contestants helping keep them in the competition. After airing last nights episode, Google Australia has introduced a new way to vote for your favourite contestant, letting you do it from a Google search.

The ability to vote on your favourite contestant works on both mobile and desktop with a search for either ‘The Voice Australia‘ or ‘The Voice Vote‘. You’re allowed four votes in total, you can dish them out singly to four voters, gift them all to one contestant or any combination in between. The voting mechanism is easy to use with a slider popping up when you select your contestant.

You have to vote for your contestant within the voting period as outlines at the end of each episode and once you’ve voted you can share who you voted for to Twitter, Google+ or Facebook.

To get started just head over to Google on your desktop or open the Google app on your Android (or iOS) device.

Source: Google Australia.