Swiping up reveals this, and you're ready to pay.

Following today’s launch of Samsung Pay in Australia, we thought we’d show you just how easy it is to use, once you’ve set it up.

The setup process is very simple; you simply select your compatible card, add the details to Samsung Pay, and your device is ready to go. You can set it up to authenticate payments using your fingerprint (easiest) or with a PIN for back-up use, or when your fingerprints mightn’t read (for example if you’re wearing gloves).

Making a payment is a cinch. Wait until the payment terminal is ready for your payment, and depending on whether you’re using Tap’n’Pay or an older, swipe terminal, the process is largely the same:

  • Turn your phone screen on
  • Swipe up from the bottom to enable Samsung Pay
  • Select the appropriate card (if you have more than one)
  • Authenticate with your fingerprint or PIN
  • Hold the phone to the card reader — for Tap’n’Pay, hold the rear of the phone over the NFC reader, and for older swipe terminals, hold the top of the phone near the swipe reader
  • Wait a moment
  • Your payment is complete

As you can see in our demo video, the process really is that easy, and we’ve tried it out at a Coles and Woolworths too (just to make sure it worked for MST and NFC equally easily) and it absolutely does. Bravo Samsung, your Samsung Pay product is every bit as easy to use as advertised.

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Phill Edwards

How come you had to sign on the PayPal app? That seems a backwards step?

Daniel Tyson

That’s just PayPal I believe.


It is just PayPal’s requirement, has nothing to do with Samsung Pay. It works without signing at any other merchant, PayPal’s Here is just a bit weird 🙂


Brought S6 Edge last year thinking it will support mst payment as said in keynote, but it seems the Australian models don’t have that hardware for s6 and s6edge unlike US. thx for cheating samsung


Yeah this is crap. That’s the whole point of Samsung pay surely, otherwise other options already available are fine


type asterix # 0 asterix # to check if you have MST option to test


You need Marshmallow too apparently


We were advised yesterday that S6, S6 Edge and S6 Edge+ would be supported, though I might add we weren’t told they’d support MST, just that they’d support the Pay service (so, presumably via NFC only if it isn’t there). Here’s the official word on support: Samsung Pay is available to these smartphones (including the Galaxy S6, Galaxy S6 edge, Galaxy S6 edge+, Galaxy Note 5, Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 edge) with the Marshmallow software update. Availability of this update to specific devices is dependent on individual operators. Samsung Pay will be available soon for Galaxy S6, Galaxy S6… Read more »


For the very very few that are eligible, I’m sure it is very very easy to use. 🙂

Jamie S

Hey Chris, someone on G+ just asked, “How do you get the Samsung Pay app without side loading?” as the app in the play store says not compatible with Note 5 and S7 edge.

David Watt

Mine installed itself onto my S7E today. I assumed it was installed from the Galaxy Apps store, not Google Play.

Jamie S

Yeah, mine updated on my S7 edge too but I had already sideloaded it. Mind you, I can’t find the app in the Galaxy app store under my apps.Weird?

David Watt

Nah I had a look but couldn’t find it either. I didn’t have it installed at all prior to it appearing itself.

No good for me anyway, I don’t use Amex or CitiBank :/


I have the S7 Edge and Samsung Pay was just on it. It updated itself this morning and worked. Strange kind of magic I know.