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Not all phones are made equal, and in the case of model SKUs, not all variants of the same phone are made equal. Typically, but not always, the only difference between SKUs is network bands, and perhaps processors.

With today’s announcement of the OnePlus 3, we’ve got 3 SKUs on out hands. We’ve been seeing chatter from the early adopters out there in Ausdroid land looking at importing a OnePlus 3, and if you want to we think that it looks like a very compelling device. However, just make sure you’re getting the correct variant.

All 3 SKUs have the same GSM bands supporting the 850, 900, 1800, 1900 MHz spectrums, in short you’re covered for 3G connectivity. How about LTE? We’re going to break down all 3 variants and compare them to the Australian LTE Bands.

Band Telstra Optus Vodafone
1 Used Used Not used
3 Used Used Used
5 Not used Not used Used
7 Used Used Not used
28 Used Used Not used
40 Not used Used Not used

North America model LTE Bands

  • FDD-LTE: Bands 1/2/4/5/7/8/12/17

Europe / Asia model

  • FDD-LTE: Bands 1/3/5/7/8/20
  • TDD-LTE: Bands 38/40/41

China model

  • FDD-LTE: Bands 1/3/7
  • TDD-LTE: Bands 38/39/40/41

So, I’m on carrier X which is the right phone for me?


The European model has the most number of compatible LTE bands, Telstra ‘owns’ spectrum in the 1/3/7 and 28 bands their ‘main’ bands are 3 and 28 with some coverage in band 1. If you’re on Telstra none of the 3 variants are ‘perfect’ but if you really want one then the European variant is the most suitable, the Chinese model may also be suitable but harder to source.


The European model has the most number of compatible LTE bands, Optus ‘owns’ spectrum in the 1/3/7/28 and 40 bands their ‘main’ bands are 1, 3 and 28 with some coverage in band 40. If you’re on Optus none of the 3 variants are ‘perfect’ but if you really want one then the European variant is the most suitable, the Chinese model may also be suitable but harder to source.


The European model has the most number of compatible LTE bands, Vodafone ‘owns’ spectrum in the 3 and 5 bands their ‘main’ bands are (unsurprisingly) 3 and 5. If you’re on Vodafone the European variant is the most suitable.

In short be careful about which model you choose and make sure if you’re importing one that you know which model they are selling you.

Are you thinking of getting a OnePlus 3? Let us know in the comments.

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I got the Chinese A3000 variant and it works really well. I live in Melbourne and use Optus, I mostly get 3 to 5 bars with 4G, but when I get into more rural areas, I normally drop down to 2 bars with HPRS or 3G, but it’s totally reasonable. When I first got the phone I thought it wouldn’t work properly with the bands but it’s been 100% fine. So don’t worry if you are getting the Chinese A3000 (although not all versions being sold have the Google Play store pretty installed, so be careful about that)

Weng Hoang

Thanks a lot for this piece of write-up! Couldn’t find information specifically on Australian carriers


Hey guys, does the China model comes with GOOGLE PLAY?


Depends where you buy it from, some retailers may pre-install the Google Play store like they did to mine, but some don’t so be careful


You’d think it would be cheaper just to make 1 SKU for all bands. Spend a little on the radio, pretty sure Qualcomm has something to suite…


I love the look of this phone but without full band support for Australia it’s just not worth it for me

Adam Purves

I’ve ordered one from Oppomart. Pretty pricey but it’ll be interesting to see in person. Apparently it will ship within a week. I hope you guys manage to get a review unit.


Which variant did your get?

Adam Purves

I’m pretty sure it’s the Asian/EU variant. It’s the only one that makes sense for me – I’m with Telstra.


Is it still working well for you? Any issues with 4G LTE? Only thing holding me back…. Also, did you get the dual sim?

Adam Purves

Yeah. I got the Chinese variant, which is only ideal for Telstra and Optus. The HK/EU version would be ideal for Vodafone. I’ve had no issue with 4G. The lack of Band 28 is evident in rural areas, where the OP3 cuts back to 3G, but in cities it’s no problem. I think all models of the OP3 are dual sim. Mine certainly is.

David Jolly

I am with Vodafone and purchased from Oppomart based on you saying it was an Asian/EU version but just read it is actually Chinese. I also ordered 5 days ago and am yet to get a tracking number, getting very nervous!

Adam Purves

Sorry mate. Last time I ordered a oneplus 2 I got the Asian variant. This time it’s Chinese. It does say on their site A3000 and only bands 1, 3 and 7 for LTE. It’ll still work on Vodafone but is missing band 5, so you won’t get completely full 4g coverage (from what I understand)
Someone one whirlpool mentioned they never received a tracking number either and it just turned up. Someone else mentioned they didn’t get a tracking number and emailed Opponart and they supplied it via email. Good luck.

David Jolly

I did read the A3000 model before the purchase but didn’t know what that reflected. Since I ordered I think they have added in big red writing what band support it has. Fingers crossed it shows up and coverage isn’t too bad.

David Jolly

And a Mi phone shows up instead… great!

Adam Purves

Wow that sucks man. What a stuff up. Hopefully they resolve it ASAP for you. I’ve never had a problem with them.

Rainer Kirby

hey Adam i know its a repeat question but how is the oneplus 3 doing for you? you are the only person i could find that had actually bought the phone in Australia and i was just wondering if the network capability is ok with Telstra? any problems or anything?
Also does oppomart ship the dash charge wall plug that is for Australian power outlets???

Adam Purves

Hi, that’s OK. To be honest, I sold my OP3. Oppomart did supply the Dash Charge, and I used an AU wall adaptor and it worked perfectly. It charges the phone superfast. The coverage is OK. I live in semi-rural QLD and the OP3 reverted back to 3G outside of main population areas. My iPhone (and any other phone with Band 28) maintains 4G coverage in most places. I think the OP3 is a great phone for around $500-550. It was very fast, and I despite what others say, I think the camera was pretty good (for stills). The only… Read more »

Rainer Kirby

Thanks for your insight, i have decided against buying one now. I live in a rural area that struggles enough already to have good reception and getting a phone that doesn’t support all the bands wouldn’t be a wise decision, i am going to buy a samsung galaxy s7 instead because i think that it is the safer option, even if that means spending a bit more money.

Adam Purves

I’m pretty keen on the Galaxy Note 7. It’s being announced on 3rd August. Sounds interesting.

Marné Prinsloo

nooooooooo lol boom boom phone

Cooper Arnold

How have oppomart been, i want to buy from them but dont want to be scammed

Adam Purves

They’ve been good so far. Apparently they have stock in hand now and will be shipping within 48 hours (Monday hopefully). I ordered my OnePlus 2 from them and it arrived no problem.

Cooper Arnold

Thankyou for your reply Adam, I will most likely be purchasing from oppomart, and hopefully receive my oneplus 3

Adam Purves

No worries, happy to help :). I’ve bought a few things from them over the years. Everything has arrived.

Cooper Arnold

Please keep me informed about your one plus 3 purchases as so many previous customers say the website is really good and others say it is a scamsite

Adam Purves

No worries, I’ll post an update once it ships and then arrives. Like I said, I’ve never had a problem with them. And if you pay by PayPal and use a credit card, you have a lot of protection anyway.

Adam Purves

My OnePlus 3 shipped from Oppomart yesterday. It’s coming form Shenzen, China, via TNT. The current ETA is 28/06, but I suspect it will arrive sooner.

Cooper Arnold

Cheers man, hopefully it all goes well and gets to you

Adam Purves

My OP3 arrived today. All good so far. I’m very impressed too. Initial thoughts – the screen is a lot better than I was fearing (thanks to that AnandTech review). It feels very light and thin in the hand, and well balanced. Dash charging is crazy fast. It arrived with 45% battery out of the box, and charged to 92% in 20-30 minutes. It’s the A3000 model, but it’s working fine for me (Telstra). So far, no problems for me 🙂

Cooper Arnold

Thankyou so much man, i will order this phone now, so glad it isnt all a scam, thanks heaps adam 🙂

Jamie S

Hey Adam, how is the LTE? Is it dropping back to 3G a lot?

Adam Purves

I’m with Telstra, and I’ve found it’s find in town areas but drops to 3G or HSPA+ in rural areas almost immediately. I was comparing to my 6s Plus. I’m in semi-rural SE QLD, and it seems there is a lot more Band 28 coverage than I realises, especially along highways. B28 also has a longer range so the 4G coverage seems to last longer. However, the 3G speeds are still good, and the 4G coverage in towns was more than adequate. Hope that helps!

Jamie S

Thanks mate, very helpful. I’ll probably get one eventually but I may wait until later in the year to see what Google produce.