Samsung Opera House
Samsung Australia today has announced that their existing partnership with the iconic Sydney Opera House, which sees Samsung using technology and innovation to the Opera House experience now and in the future, has been extended for another 5 years. As part of the partnership, Samsung is introducing even more technological innovations to help people experience the famous site, with a VR experience called ‘Climbing the Sails’.

The partnership began in 2013 with a 3-year deal at the landmarks 40th Anniversary, as part of the Opera House’s Decade of Renewal. The partnership sees Samsung using their technology to enable current and future projects to ‘inspire new generations of 21st century audiences, visitors and artists’.

Samsung and the Opera House have collaborated on a number of projects, including setting up Bluetooth Beacons and using tablets to allow students to get more information about points of interest around the Opera House. They’ve also introduced an app to let you easily book tickets, check facilities and find your way around at events at the Opera House.

The extension of the partnership, will see more projects like those introduced with the first being a new Virtual Reality experience which will let visitors to the Opera House virtually climb the the sloping white sails of the Opera House building itself. The Climbing the Sails VR experience will only be available on-site using the Samsung Gear VR headset.

The experience will be setup in the Sydney Opera House Box Office Foyer, in an installation known as ‘The Lounge’, which will feature ‘the latest Samsung technology, digital content and interactive displays’ as well as additional seating, a needed feature after exploring the vast layout of the Opera House. Visitors will also be able to explore the Opera House’s living story as well as its renewal plans.

Speaking about the announcement, Philip Newton, Corporate Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer, Samsung Electronics Australia said:

Samsung’s guiding mission is to enrich people’s lives with our technology and inspire communities through innovation. Our ongoing partnership with the Sydney Opera House is a valuable opportunity that both speaks to this mission and enables Samsung to enrich the visitor experience. We hope to deepen the relationship Australians have with the iconic building and inspire the next generation through the VR experience to engage and enjoy the Sydney Opera House in a whole new way.

If you’re heading to Sydney, make sure you check out the Opera House, it’s a great place to visit and now it’s got some fun toys to play with as well.