Android N v2

Maybe its a sign, maybe its a hint or maybe its a troll but for those of you that recall back to the Android M Developer Preview the “demo mode” had an interesting little quirk to it in that the time switched to 6:00 when it was turned on. Later it was in fact confirmed that Android M which is now known as Marshmallow was in fact Version 6.0

With the latest update of the Android N Developer preview many of us have started adventuring through the OS and various features additions and enhancements. Out of curiosity I hit the demo mode which has reappeared in the N preview and found that the time changes to 7:00 when it’s turned on.

It may be nothing, it may be a hint or it may be a troll from Google but it certainly caught my attention.

How do you think Google will progress towards confirming the version number of Android N?

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given that google felt the relatively minor update from lollipop to marshmallow warranted a number increment, this wouldn’t surprise me. but then idk what factors go into this decision.