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Android Pay is launching soon. Exactly when Google hasn’t announced, but as we approach the close of H1 2016, the launch of Android Pay in Australia is imminent. When it launches you’ll be able to tap & pay at a variety of places, using an array of banks and it appears get a heap of discounts and take part in promotions. Google has listed all their current Android Pay promotions on one page for easy access so we can see what might be when it does launch down under.

The page which hangs of the site, shows promotions from the US largely and also lists US partners for Android Pay. Android Pay recently launched in the UK but so far the Android Pay promo site hasn’t really switched over to acknowledge that, so whether we’ll see a promo page for each country remains to be seen.

Screen Shot 2016-06-17 at 5.09.04 pm

Google currently has regionalised support pages with lists of promotions for Chromecast, so that may well be what ends up happening with Android Pay promotions as it heads to other markets.

Samsung Pay launched in Australia earlier this week, partnered with AMEX and Citibank, though Android Pay in the Google announcement post appears to have many more banking and retail partners on board for their eventual launch. The retail partners will be the ones who can offer the promotions, and Samsung at launch had no partners of this nature to introduce their rewards program, perhaps this is one place Google can beat Samsung to market.

We’re very interested to hear from employees of any of Google’s announced retail partners as to whether any Android Pay signage or staff briefings have arrived in store, so let us know (we can keep a secret) if you see something.

Australia Android Pay Merchants

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    Some may be interested knowing that Crust, Brumby’s, Donut King, Michele’s Patisserie, Gloria Jeans and Pizza Capers are all owned by the same company Retail Food Group. I heard Domino’s sent out a note to their stores back in April.


    Work at a Woolies store. I’ll be querying higher ups and let y’all know when anything shows up in store.

    Phillip Molly Malone

    It might be just me but this is a weird post. Do we take it Google Australia have worded you up? Especially as the Android Pay link has an Ausdroid source tag like Google might want to see source of traffic! 😉


    Our source/via/thanks links always have Ausdroid source tags, there’s no conspiracy theories there.

    Google haven’t told us anything that we’ve not said in this article, and that’s the truth of the matter. We know it’s coming soon, but just not when.

    Dennis Bareis

    Even when you can do it, I won’t be able to as I am rooted so I can do all the required things that Android still doesn’t allow (such as backups).