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After launching in the US early last month, Google’s keyboard designed for iOS users has landed in Australia. Called Gboard, the keyboard is designed as a keyboard first and foremost, but includes the option to search directly from the keyboard. It’s exclusive to iOS, but well, there’s still some hope that one day the keyboard could come to Android too.

Gboard is functional as a keyboard for starters, with Google bringing swipe typing over from their Android keyboard for starters. There’s also Emoji as well, because in this day and age, literally no-one can live without emoji. Those functions are more than enough for a number of people, but Gboard also includes search functions right in the keyboard, that’s literally the killer feature here.

Gboard is designed to keep you in the app you’re using, no more leaving the app to go search for something, then copying the search results back into the app you were in.

In Gboard there’s a Google Search button in the top left of the keyboard pane. Tap that button and you can search for pretty much anything you would normally Google search – addresses, YouTube videos, flight numbers, movie times, images, videos, literally anything – you can then paste those search results into a text box to share in whichever app you’re in.

Gboard also includes a contact search that you can include, but you’ll have to turn it on. if you go to the settings in Gboard and switch on ‘contacts search’ you’ll never have to open the contacts on your iPhone again.

The cursor on Gboard can also be easily moved, simply slide your finger on the search bar to move it to where ever it needs to be.

The functions available are pretty awesome but it’s iOS only for now, but it may not stay that way. When Gboard launched in the US, Associate Product Manager at Google, Bri Connelly who is currently listed as Lead PM for Gboard, actually mentioned Android support coming. It’s not much, but with all the cool features in Gboard, we want in too. Speaking about Gboard on the ProductHunt forum Bri said :
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If you have an iOS device, you can now install it from the Apple App store in Australia from today. If you’re on Android, well, we might have to wait a while longer.

Source: Gboard.
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    Sridhar Katakam

    I don’t see it in the App store.

    Daniel Tyson

    Should be live in Australia now, check again and see if it’s live now.

    Sridhar Katakam

    Yes. All good. It was working a few minutes after I posted earlier.


    installing now on the 6s+ and air2. love Google Keyboard on my G3/Tablet z.