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I have a love/hate relationship with Vegemite, love their product, not a fan of the US ownership. But, I`m not going to stop eating it, and heck I`m going to use the heck out of the new app they’ve just launched to support the Australian Olympic team.

Vegemite isn’t an official sponsor, but their parent company Mondelēz are an official partner. Vegemite’s Mitey Drum app which is now available on Google Play (and the iOS app store), offers a few things such as recipes, options to support your favourite Australian sportsmen in their chosen Olympic sport.

The MiteyDrum app offers you the chance to win daily prizes which includes $250 in cash and exclusive Vegemite branded merchandise like a luggage tag or beach towel until 5pm on the 21st August.

The competition component involves beating the drum by tapping the on-screen drum or shaking the phone for 15 seconds. You’ll need to give your details to Vegemite, including Name, Phone number and email address. You can then share your support on Twitter and Facebook – essentially just a way to drum up support for the app as well as the Olympic team.

You can not only tweet or share a message of support to Twitter or Facebook, you can record a video message to send to them as well. Video messages can be up to 15 seconds long, and in theory they should feature you tapping out a beat on a jar of Vegemite, and if you want to win anything they should, but if you want to just show support you can record whatever you want and submit it through the app.

If you just want to check out recipes or view other support entries, you can head over to the BeatTheMiteyDrum website – that’s also the place you’ll find the terms & conditions for the competition. If you want to install the app you can grab it now from Google Play.

The app was not found in the store. 🙁
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