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Nintendo’s upcoming Pokémon Go game is launching for everyone in July said the company in their press event at the E3 expo in LA this week.

The game, which is being developed with former Google company, Niantic Labs who previously launched location based game Ingress at Google. According to Nintendo, the game will launch on mobile in July, and presumably it will be a worldwide release.

Nintendo has been field testing Pokémon Go in various markets around the world, starting field trials in Japan in March. Nintendo has also rolled out tests here in Australia and in New Zealand and last month began field testing the game in the US.

Also being launched is a bluetooth accessory which users will be able to play the game with, without removing their phone from their pocket. Called the Pokémon Go Plus, the accessory connects to your phone via Blutooth and you can then capture Pokémon on the go when the accessory vibrates.
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Nintendo has spoken about connecting Pokémon Go to the rest of the Pokémon universe. Ninendo advised that Pokémon Go would eventually have connectivity with upcoming Pokémon games Pokémon Sun and Moon.

Nintendo Australia has yet to comment on availability here, Nintendo has announced it will go on-sale for $34.99 later in the year and you can now pre-order it from Amazon for US$34.99 + Delivery. Depending on how fast you want it you can spend a bit more to get it here faster if you want:

  • AmazonGlobal Standard Shipping – $5.39USD – 9-12 business days
  • AmazonGlobal Expedited Shipping – $8.46USD – 7-11 business days
  • AmazonGlobal Priority Shipping – $30.52USD – 2-5 business days

Amazon is set to ship the devices out from December 31st this year, so unfortunately you won’t be getting one in this years Christmas stocking.

The game is great, the accessory looks like fun and I’ve definitely pre-ordered mine, so roll on July so everyone can start trying to catch them all.

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Source: AmazonNintendo E3 Day 2 Presser YouTube.
Via: Polygon.
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    Dean Rosolen

    Hopefully EB Games will stock these.