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We’ve seen some pretty good deals as Chromecast owners since Google launched the dongles here in Australia – several $6 Google Play credits, months of free Google Play Music and of course free movie rentals and movies. It’s been months since we saw a new offer, but a new one there is now, but don’t get too excited because it’s pretty lame.

The Chromecast support page is now showing that if you have a Chromecast you can redeem a whole month of Netflix for free – of course only available to new subscribers. The unexciting part is, if you head to the Netflix website, even without a Chromecast you can still get a month of Netflix free for new subscribers. There’s the usual terms and conditions, but that’s the crux of the offer.

Google has partnered with vendors before – Crunchyroll, Deezer, Spotify etc. and this strikes me more a promotion of a service than a promo in terms of a giveaway. Netflix is pretty good, and their Chromecast support is awesome so it’s understandable.

If you’re determined to grab a free month of Netflix via your Chromecast offers page, head to while on the same network as your Chromecast and claim your ‘prize’. While you’re there you can still grab that 90-day Google Play Music offer that’s been there probably since the launch of the original Chromecast as well – but remember it’s for new subscribers only.

Source: Chromecast offers.