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Google is often the first step for any query, but according to Google 1% of searches (and at the scale of Google, that equates to millions) are related to health. Today Google is introducing new cards for mobile searches which will give you pertinent information about your search.

The cards will show two types of information, showing both conditions related to a symptom such as showing you information about “headache,” “migraine,” “tension headache,” “cluster headache,” “sinusitis,” and “common cold” when you search “headache on one side”, as well as information on individual symptoms if you just want to find out about a ‘Headache’.

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Google will give you both self-treatment options, as well as information on what would constitute a reason to visit a doctor. Google does of course say the cards are strictly ‘for informational purposes only’, and is quick to recommend you see a doctor for actual medical advice.

This isn’t just random information though, Google says they worked with doctors and experts to build the cards, reviewing individual symptoms and bringing in experts from both Harvard Medical School and Mayo Clinic to evaluate related conditions to improve the lists they show.

Unfortunately, like a lot of cool new Google features, this is rolling out to the US first, with no real date on when we’ll see it here in Australia. If you want to check it out a VPN can help, so fire one up and search away.

Source: Google Blog.
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