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With the big Android Wear 2.0 update in testing now with a release expected at the same time as Android N is officially released, Google has announced they are pushing an update to Android Wear focusing on ‘improving system health’.

The update – seen as version 1.5 from those users who have already received the update – was announced on the Android Wear Product Forums, doesn’t actually say what users can expect to see. Though only announced today, the update has been rolling out since earlier this month, with owners of the Moto 360 v2 and Moto 360 Sport, as well as now Samsung Gear Live and LG G Watch reporting receiving the update.

Based on the reports from those who have received the update, we can see that two of the big features in the update include the ability to now see the security patch date in the About screen. Users who need to restart their devices will also be pleased to see the return of the ‘Restart’ option in the settings menu.

The update is expected to hit all Android Wear devices currently released, however build numbers will vary according to watch model.

With LG and Motorola both advising that their gen 1 Android Wear devices won’t be receiving the Android Wear 2.0 update due later this year, this could be the last update owners of these watches can expect. Android Wear 2.0 is based on Android N, so any update will require that to be officially launched before the update can roll out.

If you have an Android Wear watch, ensure your Android Wear app on your phone is up to date to ensure you receive the update.

Source: Google Product Forums.
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    Gimmy boscaglia

    Any news about the Sony SmartWatch 3?

    Max Ambrose

    My SW3 has gotten the 1.5 update but there are no major changes.

    Dennis Bareis

    The removal of “restart” was idiotic at least on watches that don’t have buttons to allow you to start it up again…

    Justice League

    yea, the other day i went to pwr off and noticed the restart – it pleased me. now i know why it came back!


    Mine (LG G Watch) came through on Sunday morning, thought it strange I hadn’t seen anything here first! 😀


    Only just noticed my LG Urbane already updated to v1.5 without me knowing. Good to see the restart option has returned.

    Justice League

    same here.