Since their relaunch of the brand in Australia in 2015, Alcatel has been pushing to gain both market traction in terms of sales, as well as brand awareness in Australia, yesterday Alcatel moved forward with their brand awareness campaign partnering with new brand ambassador Pia Muehlnbeck.

Alcatel has already done some branding work with sports teams in Australia and last year

With 1.3 million Instagram followers and 3/4 of a million Facebook friends, Pia has one heck of a following on social media, but she’s also an entrepeneur with her own fashion label and she’s also just been named as market editor for Grazia magazine – so she has some style cred. The choice of Pia fits well with the aims of Alcatel to grow their brand in Australia, a move that has been fairly successful so far with Alcatel named as the number 3 tier vendor for smartphones in Australia in an IDC report earlier this year.

Pia will be helping Alcatel to move forward with their plans to position upcoming Alcatel smartphones and tablets focused on lifestyle, fashion and fitness in the Australian market – there will be more on these upcoming devices in the very near future.

Sam Skontos, VP and Regional Managing Director for Alcatel Pacific, said of the pairing

We’re excited to welcome Pia as a brand ambassador. A smart saavy young woman who has almost singlehandedly built her own empire, Pia perfectly embodies the persona of our brand. She is a vibrant, fun and tech-savvy person who is equally as comfortable on the red carpet as she is a day at the beach, which reflects our new range and brand personality. We have big ambitions and an exciting new product range and look forward to working with Pia to help bring our brand to life

Those new devices haven’t been announced, but Alcatel did have a busy time at Mobile World Congress announcing new POP, as well as Idol series devices so we’re hoping to see some news on a local launch of these here in Australia soon.

Pia isn’t alone as brand ambassador, Ironwoman Tara Coleman is also flying the flag for Alcatel, as are the sports teams the South Sydney Rabbitohs and Greater Western Sydney Giants, who are also partners.

We’re looking forward to seeing what the partnership can bring for Alcatel in the Australian market, and even more so to get our hands on new Alcatel handsets and tablets. We’ll let you know as soon as Alcatel has anything to announce on that front.

Source: @alcatelmobileAU.
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    I never understand why brands get an ambassador. Its not like they do much with it.

    Daniel Tyson

    They tend to reach new audiences. I had never heard of Pia previously, but 1.3 million Instagram followers will now see here using and talking about Alcatel, that’s pretty good stats.


    Pia who?

    Tin Tran

    She’ll be seen with her iPhone in 3…2…1