For the last couple of years, HTC has been starting to add their various applications to Google Play, with selected apps like their Zoe photo app also available for installation on non-HTC handsets. HTC has started reaching out to selected users to trial HTC Sense Home 8 on non-HTC handsets.

The emails being sent out advise that the project, codenamed GOOGLE_PLAY_SENSE_GP, will be starting on the 23rd of this month. Requirements include a non-HTC Android phone running Android 4.4+.
HTC Sense Home 8

HTC Sense Home 8 was introduced on the HTC 10, again lets you setup themes on the phone. HTC Sense Home 8 added what they call ‘Freestyle Layouts’ letting you add themed stickers which match wallpapers and let you assign app shortcuts to those stickers. It’s also possible we’ll be seeing the HTC quick settings, settings layout and more – like those awesome HTC Sense widgets.

We’ll be checking in on what other differences are included in the HTC Sense Home 8 update for non-HTC phones as soon as the trial goes live.

Sense Home Launcher-News,Theme
Sense Home Launcher-News,Theme
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    J. Williams

    The trials are not live yet


    I can’t believe that it does not work with OnePlus 2 running marshmallow! I hope HTC will add support to this phone.


    Not working for lg v10 !!


    The HTC Sense Home is supposed to be for non-HTC phones. I have a Nexus 6P and when I click on the link in the article, it says I don’t have any compatible handsets. In fact, I get that notice for all HTC applications that were supposedly released to gPlay for non-HTC phones. And that includes Zoe. What gives?

    Andrew Graham

    currently HTC apps (excluding those already available on the play store, like Boost+) are NOT available for all phones. The beta trial mentioned is a precursor for them being universally available and even then it may not include all the HTC apps.

    The link you clicked is just a cruelly placed link to the current HTC device only HTC sense home app.

    It is possible however to install all the current HTC apps on your 6P. XDA is your friend.


    Thank you for your explanation. Understand now. I love and use XDA but this time around, I do not wish to root the N6P. I guess I will have to work. Funny thing is, the only HTC apps that I would be interested in are BlinkFeed, Quick Settings and Clock. And possibly Zoe. Other apps have alternatives that are just as good.

    maher shtat

    But what should I do to get the invitation can you please tell me… With many thanks

    Will Dutton

    just got the invite. I wonder how much more than just another launcher this will be


    Is there a link or website to sign up to this, or how do we get it?


    This is what happens when writers simple copy articles from other websites in hurry ;p


    C’mon mate. A little bit of respect and gratitude would be nice. You forget that the authors at Ausdroid do not get paid for writing/bringing articles about Android to us. In fact, for all of them, this is a hobby. This means that they do this when they are supposed to be spending time with their families after work. Instead of being disrespectful, how about offering to write the articles and show us how you would do it.


    This actually came from an email one of our sources received from HTC. There is no link to sign up to, which is why we didn’t post one.


    This is a mail from the HTCPreview program. It’ll only be tested with people who signed up for that.
    Btw, nice that some poeple can’t read and leak information that is confidential..