HTC is starting to test Sense Home 8 on non-HTC devices

For the last couple of years, HTC has been starting to add their various applications to Google Play, with selected apps like their Zoe photo app also available for installation on non-HTC handsets. HTC has started reaching out to selected users to trial HTC Sense Home 8 on non-HTC handsets.

The emails being sent out advise that the project, codenamed GOOGLE_PLAY_SENSE_GP, will be starting on the 23rd of this month. Requirements include a non-HTC Android phone running Android 4.4+.

HTC Sense Home 8 was introduced on the HTC 10, again lets you setup themes on the phone. HTC Sense Home 8 added what they call ‘Freestyle Layouts’ letting you add themed stickers which match wallpapers and let you assign app shortcuts to those stickers. It’s also possible we’ll be seeing the HTC quick settings, settings layout and more – like those awesome HTC Sense widgets.

We’ll be checking in on what other differences are included in the HTC Sense Home 8 update for non-HTC phones as soon as the trial goes live.