Unicode 9 Emoji

That’s right, you read correctly Bacon. Streaky, tasty digital bacon.

bacon emoji

In case that’s not enough for you the Unicode consortium also announced another 71 non-bacon emoji. So what other emoji are joining their Japanese inspired pictograms? Take a look.


Rolling On The Floor Laughing Face With Cowboy Hat Clown Face Lying Face
Drooling Face Nauseated Face Sneezing Face Prince
Mother Christmas Man In Tuxedo Shrug Face Palm
Pregnant Woman Man Dancing Selfie Hand With Index And Middle Fingers Crossed
Call Me Hand Left-Facing Fist Right-Facing Fist Raised Back Of Hand
Handshake Black Heart Gorilla Fox Face
Deer Rhinoceros Bat Eagle
Duck Owl Lizard Shark
Shrimp Squid Butterfly Wilted Flower
Kiwifruit Avocado Potato Carrot
Cucumber Peanuts Croissant Baguette Bread
Pancakes Bacon Stuffed Flatbread Egg
Shallow Pan Of Food Green Salad Glass of Milk Clinking Glasses
Tumbler Glass Spoon Octagonal Sign Scooter
Motor Scooter Canoe First Place Medal Second Place Medal
Third Place Medal Boxing Glove Martial Arts Uniform Person Doing Cartwheel
Wrestlers Water Polo Handball Fencer
Goal Net Juggling Drum With Drumsticks Shopping Trolley

So that’s the list of what’s in, but not everything made it into Unicode 9. If you look at the header image you see the two right-hand images, the rifles and the “modern pentathlon”. Both of these didn’t make the final cut. We can’t say we’re overly concerned, but the internet being the internet if you want to be outraged, you’ll find others who are.

Are you looking for the new Bacon emoji, I mean emoji? Let us know below.

Source: Unicode.
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    Darren Ferguson

    This is just getting silly. There are already wayyyyy too many to meaningfully find one for the right context.


    I don’t think you head me, Bacon.

    but yes, i often have to search for the emoji i want, I’m guessing keyboards will get smarter about finding them for you.


    I agree, I rarely use them as:
    1. use words, that’s why we have them!

    2. I get sick of wadding through pages and pages of emoji to find the one I want.

    If there was a “emoji search” on the keyboard itself, I may use it more!