The partnership between Google and Udacity has already brought many courses to life, many of which focus on Android Development including Android Nanodegree (intermediate), Android Design and Android Wear. Today they have announced the Android Basics Nanodegree.

This new course is intended to help someone with no coding experience gain the fundamental skills needed to both code in Java as well as develop the key elements of an app, eg. user interfaces, databases etc.

Over the course students will cover:

    • Build app user interfaces
    • Implement user interactions
    • Store information in a database
    • Pull data from the internet into your app
    • Identify and fix unexpected behaviour in the app
    • Localize your app to support other languages

If you’re interested you can undertake a one-week free trial to see if the style of the course is for you, following that you will have to sign up for the nanodegree, where the first month appears to be free and then it will cost $199/ month (USD). If you finished the Nanodegree in 12 months then you will get 50% of your tuition refunded. At that price you’ll want to make sure you can smash through the course work without delay.

Google is also offering the first 50 students who finished the program to get a free ‘scholarship‘ into the Android Development Nanodegree. So if you’re a coding novice or noob, and you’re interested in learning how to make Android apps, now might just be the time to jump on in.

If you don’t want to pony up the cash, and don’t mind not getting the Nanodegree than all of the individual courses can be undertaken free of change, just without the support from the Udacity team.

Have you been wanting to learn a little Android coding? Are you going to give this a go? Let us know below.

Source: Google.