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If there is one thing the Nexus device line is lacking, it’s strong customer support. Unlike other devices, Google has no physical support resources. If you’re having issues with a device and you want direct support from Google, your only options are trawling through web pages or talking on the phone.

As most of you would know providing or receiving tech support over the phone is about as much fun as washing yourself with steel wool; it may get the job done, but man is it painful.

According to Android Police’s sources, Google is currently dogfooding – internal testing – a new app that would allow their customer service operators to ‘take over’ your screen. Currently called Google Support, the app would allow users to let a Google Service agent take over their phone and both see and interact with the device.

With Google seemingly taking the Nexus program more seriously Google needs a service like this to be able to compete with the likes of Apple, who have an impressive physical retail and support presence around the world.

Seeing as this app is currently reported as being in testing it is very likely we will see this announced at the expected Google Hardware event in September this year.

Would a Google support app be something you would have used previously? Let us know below.

Source: Android Police.
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Dennis Bareis

Most problems I can solve myself but it may have been handy once or twice, but this feature like some others (not pure Android) is not so much addressed at us but allows for marketing to non nexus general users.