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Prior to Google I/O this year, Google released a new small community sharing platform called Spaces. It appears that even with a slow start, Google is moving forward with the program and is looking for users familiar with and using Spaces to become trusted members and test out new features.

The idea behind Google Spaces is to provide communities with a ‘space’ if you will, to share articles, videos and images with a small group without leaving. They even included the ability to use Google Search, YouTube, and Chrome functions within the app and website. It was used at Google I/O to share ideas for projects, but it’s been pretty quiet on the Spaces front since then.

Luke Wroblewski, a Product Director at Google has shared a callout on Google+ for people currently using spaces to help make it better, posting:

Spaces hasn’t really found a footing here for us at Ausdroid – we like what it does, but damned if we can find a way to actually use it – but it has some great features. I think the problem with Spaces is it’s got a marketing issue in that many people like us don’t really know how to use it. A few use cases would be good to see the potential in what it can do would definitely go a long way.

If you are using Spaces and would like to help build and test out features, head over to the site and sign up.

Do you use Spaces? What for?

Source: +LukeWroblewski.