We all have our guilty pleasures, for many adults that pleasure can be watching movies from Pixar and with Finding Dory now in cinemas Google Play is running a focus on the Pixar back catalogue.

All 15 previously released Pixar feature films are showing in the focus, everything from Finding Nemo to some of their later release movies such as Wall E and Inside out are up for grabs. The price has been dropped to $14.99 from $19.99 with the exception of Inside out which is down from $24.99 making it an even better bargain. The library includes:

With school holidays kicking off this coming Friday in most states, this list of great family viewing at pretty reasonable prices should ensure you don’t hear the usual ‘I`m bored’ cry this coming school holidays.

Which of the Pixar specials will you be grabbing for your the kids viewing pleasure?

Source: Play Store.