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Google have today released the new Google Cast SDK they announced at Google IO 2016. The new SDK will make it even easier for developers to both implement and more importantly maintain support for the Google Cast platform going forward.

The new “senders” SDK – Google cast is broken into a SDK for sending and one for receiving – includes additional resources for adding and customising control and playback controls into apps and notification shades. The new SDK is also built in a modular fashion allowing Google to control updates of both system elements and playback widgets without developers have to re-tool their apps.

Check out the brief introduction video below.

With Google clearly focusing on Cast as their first class product for the loungeroom market we should expect to see even more growth and development of the Cast ecosystem.

We’re still waiting for 3rd party Cast-ready devices to get an update allowing multi-room playback, hopefully, that won’t be too long.

Source: Google.