Anyone who has dived into Google Now and really engaged would probably struggle without the functionality and an update to the reminder interface has made it even faster and easier to use.

The changes make reading the new reminder easier for users with a single touch function to edit in the event that voice recognition doesn’t recognise what you’ve actually said, delete when you decide you don’t need that reminder or view all of your reminders in a drop down list. The update isn’t visible to all users just yet but seems to be rolling out pretty quickly so if you use Google Now reminders, keep an eye on your screen for the changes that will no doubt be with you very soon.

What functions do you use in Google Now that you’d be lost without?

Via: Android Police.
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Would be good to have the reminders in Keep to follow the same standard as the Google Now ones, and allow you to set by location.. even if you’re accessing it from the desktop rather than mobile.

Will Dutton

quick saving reminders is the biggest one