Twitter is one of the biggest, brightest and most interactive social networks on the planet and they seem to be gently encroaching on the turf of another. The incoming update allows users to add the hashtag #Stickers to any of their photos and – through the magic of the internet – add all sorts of cute stickers and mini-animations over the photos.

For those that are into such things (the under 25 crowd generally speaking) the functionality will seem very familiar to Snapchat and you’re right, it is. But lets move past that fact and look at Twitter expanding functionality, looking for new market and increasing their user base.  

The ability to add stickers to your photos will be rolling out over the next few weeks for people using Twitter for iOS and Android. You will also be able to view and click stickers on #Stickers joins the suite of photo editing features on Twitter, including filters, tags, cropping, and accessibility options.

Its interesting and personally I’ll give it a crack when it’s available out of curiosity at least.

Will you use stickers, or will you give it a miss?

Source: Twitter Blog.