Evernote, the seemingly unstoppable incumbent in note-taking apps on mobile, has today announced changes to their pricing structure, including changes to the very popular free tier.

The pricing for the Premium and Plus plans are both going up, with the monthly price for Premium rising from $5.99USD to $7.99USD per month, or from $56.99 to $89.99 per year, while the Plus plan rises from $2.99USD to $3.99USD per month, or from $29.99 to $49.99 per year.

Premium and Plus users get additional space to store their note, as well as getting access to forwarding emails and attachments for storage. Premium users also get the bonus of 10GB of notes per month, as well as the option to ‘Find text buried inside Office docs. Annotate PDFs. Discover connections between notes, turn business cards into phone contacts’.

Now for the big news, the free tier of Evernote is about to change massively with restrictions on the amount of devices your notes will sync between reduced to just two types – or as Evernote put it: ‘you can access notes on up to two devices, such as a computer and phone, two computers, or a phone and a tablet, as well as on the web, so you can continue to take your notes with you throughout your day.’

The changes won’t be put into effect immediately, with Evernote advising that only new subscribers will see the changes take effect immediately. Current users will see a notice in their Evernote within 2 weeks, with paid customers seeing a change on their next bill that falls after August 15th.

The limitation of devices on the free tier means that many people will either consider paying for the service – or more likely, swap their notes into a competing free service like Google Keep.

Evernote has said they don’t want to resort to selling your data, or placing ads in the app to maintain their revenue, hence the price increase – which they are more than entitled to do. Whether people stick to the service is another question though.

Will you be sticking with Evernote after the changes come into effect?

Source: Evernote.
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    I used Evernote until Keep came along. Keep is just easy for me. It can take notes, scribbles, pics …. what else do you need? I love how quick it syncs too. I can take a quick note on my phone or tablet in a meeting, then get to my desk and it’s already there. From memory, Evernote is a little slower.

    Dennis Bareis

    Keep is an alternative to a text editor, One Note is an alternative to Evernote but the free version of One Note is crippled. Not sure any other alternatives still exist, let me know if so 🙂

    If your notes are so simple that Keep will do then there are “millions” of better apps available.

    Daniel Tyson

    And yet I still prefer Keep to OneNote.

    Darren Ferguson

    Yes, it’s perfect for quick notes or a list. Sharing a shopping list is great, you can both add to it and whomever is next at the shop can tick things off.


    I like and use both onenote and keep. Keep is great for stuff like the shopping list, I prefer onenote for longer stuff especially if I want to do a lot of formatting or include screenshots etc.

    Mike Stevens

    They’ve gotta do what they’ve gotta do, I guess, but seems like a sign of the end times for Evernote.