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It’s Wednesday and Google Play has this week dropped Tiny Planet FX Pro and Construction Simulator 2014 to just 20c each as part of the weekly Google Play app and game Deal of the Week.

App Deal of the Week
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Tiny Planet FX Pro
If you’ve played with Photo Spheres on Android you’ll be very familiar with tiny planet photos, so Tiny Planet FX Pro which can make tiny planet photos out of any shot is for you.

There’s a bunch of effects in Tiny Planet FX Pro, letting you add tiny planet effects to existing photos from your gallery or a shot you take on the fly. Using the app you can zoom, rotate, invert, spin, warp, twist and bulge your tiny planet photo into almost any picture you want. Once your Tiny Planet is ready, you can save it to your gallery or share it to social media or anywhere really.

Tiny Planet adds a pretty specific feature to your photos, but at just 20c it’s a pretty neat addition to have in case you ever want it.

Tiny Planet FX Pro
Tiny Planet FX Pro
Developer: Lyrebird Studio
Price: $19.99

Game Deal of the Week
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Construction Simulator 2014
Ever felt the urge to build something using heavy construction equipment? Well, now you can with Construction Simulator 2014, but without the risk of destroying or, well, killing anyone in the process.

Using 14 machines from LIEBHERR, MAN and STILL you can take control of your construction sites and build all sorts of projects such as building a wind generator, swimming pool, school building or town hall. There’s modes from beginner to expert, with either arcade or professional modes, making the game accessible to both beginners or experts, starting as an apprentice you can eventually climb to Tycoon.

Just looking at the trailer should have you quickly parting with the 20c required to get you started on your virtual building career.

There is one drawback with Construction Simulator 2014, if you want to get ahead fast you’ll have to pay for the In-App Purchases, which will set you back between $1.34 – $37.68 per item.

If you’re wanting to get your building career underway, head over to Google Play and grab Construction Simulator 2014 now.

It’s 20c so grab both, even with IAP, Construction Simulator 2014 looks pretty fun and you never know when you’ll want to produce a tiny planet photo, so grab both.

As usual, last weeks app and game deal of the week are still on-sale, head over to Google Play and grab Uber Iris PRO – Photo Filters and In Between before they go back to their usual price.

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