Some Twitter users are reporting that one of the new features they’re seeing in the brand-new Material Design layout for the official Twitter app is the inclusion of a Night mode toggle, as shown above.

Ausdroid reader Dev Sharma tipped us off to this earlier (thanks, Dev), and while we’ve tried to replicate it on our own devices, we’ve done so unsuccessfully. So, thanks to Dev, you can take a look at how the new Night Mode looks in a few screengrabs he’s sent us:

The option to access Night Mode appears to be a server side switch; none of our accounts seem to have received it, and yet we’re seeing a few reports of it around the Twitter-verse from users with the same app version that we’re using (Android Police are reporting the same findings).

It’ll probably roll out to more users soon, and it’ll be a welcome improvement; using Twitter in the dark (with its bright, crisp whites) can leave you somewhat blind, so a night mode will definitely help.

Let us know if you’ve received the option to enable Night Mode in your official Twitter app!

Developer: Twitter, Inc.
Price: Free+
Source: Dev Sharma.
Thanks: Android Police.
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ooh i’ve got it! didn’t even notice!

it’s… quite blue. but i love dark themes so i’ma keep it on.


I like to think of these as AMOLED battery saver mode.

James Simon

I have night mode looks very nice, be great if you could add to the Ausdroid app, also the app doesn’t seem to refresh when opening have to do manually.