Over the last couple of weeks, I’ve been trying out a new way of consuming my news on mobile. Two of my most frequently visited mobile websites were ABC News and the Sydney Morning Herald, but in the latter case at least, the mobile experience can be a bit unpleasant. Not only are there ads to contend with, but there’s also pop-over animated ads, and a whole lot of crud news that frankly I don’t want to read.

inkl is an Australian service which hopes to address some of this. With some premium publishers on board, including a number of Fairfax publications, the Guardian, some UK pubs and some US pubs too, there’s a range of news to read, and inkl’s promise is simple: clickbait-free news, delivered straight to your mobile.

There’s free options available — with the occasional advertisement — and premium options that deliver you the news, via inkl’s app, advertising and clickbait-free.

One of the growing — and increasingly frustrating — trends is for publishers to mix in paid, or sponsored, content with their actual news, and sometimes it can be quite hard to tell the difference. Usually it’ll be on predictable topics, like some magic bean that makes fat fall off, or some new superfood, but sometimes the junk can be hard to filter.

This is what makes inkl unique; each morning, you receive a daily edition (kind of like your own newspaper) which has a selection of the most interesting news stories in a number of categories, including World, Sport, Technology, Life and more.

You can read content from your favourite publications (Sydney Morning Herald and The Guardian are mine), without ads, without sifting through the possibly-not-actually-articles, in the one place. I’ve found myself reading more and more news this way, and inkl’s service has made that possible.

If you haven’t tried inkl’s service, you probably should, but if our exhortation isn’t enough, perhaps the promise of a six-month free premium subscription might get you across the line. Entering to win is simple:

  • Make sure you’ve downloaded the inkl app, and set up an account.
  • Leave a comment on here telling us what you like about the service, and why you’d like to try a premium subscription

We’ll pick the winners and you’ll have a premium subscription applied to your account. Easy as pie, and there’s a few to win.

If you don’t win, don’t lose heart. A premium subscription costs less than a daily paper (depending on how much you read, significantly less), and in our view, it’s infinitely more worthwhile.

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    I use firefox on android with ublock origin plugin. Removes all clickbait articles from any news sites.

    Ublock origin plugin is not available on Android chrome unfortunately.


    I cannot log in..the app says “logging in”..and nothing happens..

    Kelsey Gamble

    Hey Kefir – I’m Kelsey, inkl’s Community Manager. It’s no good to hear you had troubles logging in – did it end up sorting itself out? I’d like to try and help troubleshoot if I can…


    I like how it’s very smooth with loading, option for bigger fonts and actually shows relevant news. Very good