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If you’ve ever collaborated on a Google Doc, Sheet or Slide then you’d most likely be familiar with Google App’s commenting system. If you haven’t its a hybrid between the tradition word processor markup/ commenting system and a chat messenger. Don’t let that last part turn you off, due to the cloud-based architecture of Google apps not only can multiple people work on the same doc at the same time but you get the advantage of being able to live comment with people.

To support this Google Docs would email a user with any comments if they weren’t logged on. Today Google have launched a logical improvement, the ability to use notifications instead, or in addition to email notifications. If you’re already sold without reading anymore, head on over to the support page to learn how to active it.

Comments on Mobile and Web

Notifications are enabled by default on Android if you have the latest version of the Google Drive app installed. We’ve checked out Google Drive settings on the web and the notification option hasn’t rolled out for use yet. The full rollout should take about 3 days.

Are you a Google Apps user? Are you turning notifications on? Let us know below.

Source: Google.
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