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Google’s note-taking app, Google Keep, is one of their quiet achievers. The cross-platform, Android, web and iOS service allow users to create, view edit and share notes and important information from almost any source. Now, Google has bestowed Keep with enhanced powers of search.

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With the latest update to Keep, search functionality has been enhanced to support automatic content detection and simple one-click searching. When you click the search button on any platform you will now be presented with one click search options based on what is in your Keep library. Simply click on a tile and be take to the content Google has marked as fitting that category.

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The announcement was a little light on details, thus far only appearing on social media. It’s fairly safe to assume with Google’s increasing use and perfection of Machine Learning that, like Google Photos, Inbox and other Google products Keep now has some machine learning love and for me Keep is one step away from being able to replace all of my note taking apps. All that remains is enhanced functionality for shopping list; whilst Keep has shopping list features, they are a bit too basic for my family’s needs.

The update is rolling out now to Android, Web and iOS devices.

Google Keep - Notes and Lists
Google Keep - Notes and Lists
Developer: Google LLC
Price: Free

Are you a Google Keeper? Let us know what you think of its new search powers below.

Source: Google.