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Google are continually improving and developing their products, adding more functionality to their suite of apps regularly and this time its Google Maps turn to get some love with the addition (reports suggest US only at this time) of multiple destinations to the navigation options.


Similar to the addition of pit stops, the multiple destination functionality being added to the Android app means that you can now add multiple personal or commercial addresses on your route. It seems from reports on other sites, that the functionality is being turned on server side and does not require an app update.

This will be a welcome addition to our local maps experience, of that there is no doubt. Planning a trip to your friends place, but need to find a bottle shop on the way? Easy. Going on holidays, but need to find a supermarket on the way? Done. Thanks Google!

How will the addition of multiple destinations to Maps help to you in your travels?

Source: Android Police.
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Phill Edwards

So how is it different to Pit Stops?

Daniel Tyson

Mutliple. Previously you only got one.

Reuben Fergusson

I’m in Australia and I got this today. So not only US.


It’s also live in Australia for me this morning. Using Australian Google account and no VPN.