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Google Maps
With the US July 4th celebrations due to kick off this weekend, Google has as usual added a little something for users in their maps app which traditionally gets a fair bit of use during holidays.

Google has officially acknowledged the addition of multiple waypoints being added in Google Maps when you’re on the way to a destination. So now you can add a trip to Mcdonalds and the petrol station on your way to home, to work or wherever you’re off to. Adding another pitstop is easy, simply tap the three dot menu and select ‘Add Pitstop’ and then you can re-arrange the order in which your pitstops will appear, click ‘Done’ and your route is re-calculated to include those stops.

Also of use for anyone who loves documenting their trip is the ability to add notes and pictures to your timeline history. According to Google:

Google Maps users with Location History enabled can open Your Timeline, select a date from their recent vacation or everyday life and add notes to help remember what they did that day—or save important notes for later.
Timeline history

The latest additions to maps should be available in Google Maps right now, so check it out if you’re doing some travelling today.

Maps - Navigate & Explore
Maps - Navigate & Explore
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Source: Google Maps Blog.

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Daniel Tyson

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The multi waypoint UI is excellent but can these be saved for future use?

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