Australia Votes

In case your either lucky or been living under a rock hopefully you know that tomorrow it’s the Australian Federal election. Whichever way you lean on the political spectrum we all have to trudge off to the local polling booth, line up and vote. I for one was hoping for the Flat earth society to run a candidate but alas I will have to make another choice.

Google seems to be very keen to assist you in getting to the poll, between their Interactive Election Map, search graphs, Sausage sizzle locations and now Google Now notifications Google is try hard to keep you up to date, get you to the polls and then keep you informed of the progress.

So don’t forget to vote, and if you’re going to be out of town you’ll need to rush down to a pre-polling booth today.

Will you be tracking the election progress online or the more traditional ‘news coverage’?

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A few years ago I’d have laughed at a flat earthers joke. Now I wouldn’t be surprised if there was such a candidate. An actual serious flat earther candidate.