Oppo have been working on their Stock-based Project Spectrum ROM since last year. Since it’s inception it’s gone through a few iterations and you can now get an Android 6.0 based version for the Oppo R7.

Many users of Oppo’s other devices have been hoping, requestion, begging Oppo to bring the 6.0 ROM to their devices. Well for owners of the Oppo F1 you’re now in luck. Announced on their community forum Oppo has released the first beta of Spectrum for the F1.

I reviewed the F1 and was very impressed with the hardware but felt the software was a little different. With this announcement, I wish Oppo hadn’t shipped the phone back. Experiencing great mid-range hardware with a stock experience is default something many of us would love to have a go at.

Here is a look at an earlier build.

I’d love to see more Chinese OEMs start to experiment with stocked based ROMs. As a general rule, the Chinese Skins are just a little too much for many Western Android users. If companies like Oppo, Huawei and Xiaomi invested in a stock ROM their devices could well be better received in the Western markets.

If you want to grab the ROM head HERE to grab it, and if you need a little help you could try Oppo’s Help page.

Do you have an Oppo F1? Will you be flashing the Project Spectrum ROM? Let us know below.

Source: Oppo.