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After Evernote’s screenshot tool Skitch became less than usable, everyone’s favourite developer Koush decided to develop his own, releasing Snapsink onto the Chrome Web Store.

The app works on Chrome, so it’s cross platform compatible on Mac, Windows or essentially anything running Chrome. The app isn’t just a screenshot tool, there’s a basic editor included once you’ve taken a screenshot, with options to rotate, blur, crop and add an arrow (one of the great Skitch tools I miss). Koush has done a quick run-through of the tool in this video:

As of version, there’s even cloud save of your screenshots, which is handy cross platform. The cloud save uses Google Drive as long as you’re signed in, and in the Chrome OS version at least you can also choose to share the screenshots to imgur, with the imgur link then copied to your clipboard.

If you’ve been looking for a great tool for screenshots, you should check it out it’s available in the Chrome Web Store.

Source: Snapsink - Chrome Web Store.