Optus Cardboard
If after all this time you still don’t have a Google Cardboard headset then Optus is giving away free cardboard viewers in their stores for a limited time.

The cardboard has been custom designed by singer Troye Sivan for a competition that Optus is running to attend a 360° recording of the song ‘Talk Me Down‘. To enter the competition to attend the private soundcheck you can head to the Optus Music website, and enter your details before the comp closes at midnight on July 21st.

To get your free Google Cardboard headset, head on into your local Optus store and see if they have stock left.

Update Optus has advised us that stock of the Google Cardboard headset is still heading to stores. Basically your best bet is to keep checking back in.

Source: Optus.
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    Daniel Tyson

    They had them at Queanbeyan Optus at Riverside.

    Matt Booth

    Thanks for the heads up Dan, picked up one from the North Sydney store this morning. They have a few in stock but maybe not anymore once my colleagues saw mine


    Got one today at the store at the corner of Elizabeth and Bourke St Mall, Melbourne. They had 3 big boxes of them that I could see… must’ve been at least 100 in each box.

    Newcastle Guardian

    None at the Optus store Westfield Kotara NSW, in fact they’ve never heard anything about it. Another Telco Scam. Thought Telstra had the market cornered in that area, telco scams.

    Daniel Tyson

    Reached out to Optus to find out what the story is. Will update when I hear back.


    Some Optus stores get promo gear really late


    You went into an Optus shop looking for a free thing, they didn’t have any, and you feel scammed? There are plenty of things to feel aggrieved about where telcos are concerned, but this isn’t one of them.

    Michael Wang

    Nothing at Waverley Garden, VIC


    A colleague and I both picked one up in their Westfield Pitt St store in Sydney.
    And – bonus – they were branded Star Wars The Force Awakens instead of the Troye Whatsisface. Must have been left over from a previous promo.

    Daniel Tyson

    Heh. Yeah I got the full set of those.

    David Anderton

    Do you need to be an Optus customer?


    Not sure. I’m not an Optus customer but the sales guy didn’t even ask. I think he was just pleased to clean out his cupboard a bit.

    Daniel Tyson

    The Star Wars headset was being given to people signing up to a new 24 month contract. At this stage though, they’d probably give you one. The Current one has no stipulations attached on the T&Cs if you read through them.



    Daniel Tyson

    None at Optus Tuggeranong. Boo


    Just picked one up from Woden 🙂