Gear 360

The 360-degree camera market is heating up, with great offerings from Ricoh, Fly, LG and Samsung all on the market we’re beginning to get an idea of how these devices will fit into our photographic lives. The Samsung made Gear 360 became officially available in Australia last month for $499, but you can get a discount if you’ve been eyeing it off.

Samsung has an offer, which is valid until the end of July 2016 (31/7/2016) you can get 15% off the full price with free delivery from the Samsung Website. The discount brings the cost down to $424.15 delivered.

gear 360 discount

Head on over to and use the promotional code “GEAR360” (it is case sensitive) to get your $74.85 discount.

Are you interested in 360 photography or video? Let us know below.

Source: Samsung.
Thanks: +Mike G.
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Over priced camera. Max should be $299 nothing more. $1149-$1249 Mobile $159 Gear VR and $299 Gear 360 is much better price point


Yeah, still cant justify spending that much when I can do it manually with the photosphere option in Google Camera.


hmmm … still Samsung phone compatible only?


At this stage it looks like it.