HTC Nexus

Naming conventions just seem to be something that smartphone companies struggle with. We have top level OEMS swapping handset names and we have others ‘skipping over the number 6. In the end, what’s in a name?

Brand recognition, understandability to the consumer, I’m not going to do the whole I would like the new (HTC) One skit. All of this is leading to what will the next two Nexus phones, assuming they are even going to be Nexus phones,considering the lack of Nexus branding on the mocked renders that broke today.

1st generation Nexus One
2nd generation Nexus S
3rd generation Galaxy Nexus
4th generation Nexus 4
5th generation Nexus 5
6th generation Nexus 6
7th generation Nexus 5X Nexus 6P
8th generation Sailfish ?? Marlin ??

So what do you think? Nexus 7 is out as we’ve already had a Nexus 7 device, Nexus 8 seems unlikely as for the last 4 years the model number has mostly correlated to screen sizes. Are we even getting nexus devices? Could this be the first devices in a new branding line? After all, there is not HTC branding on the renders just the G logo.

Could we be getting the Google 5 and 6? The Nexus NameyMcNameface 5 and 6? Let us know your thoughts and guesses below.

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Nexus 5A and Nexus 5B. If the rumours are true which I hope they aren’t, there is no Nexus 6 this year


technically the 6P was 5.7″, but I see where you’re going with that


why no one is asking for nexus 4P, need a small for ladies and small hands pz


we’ve all just been bullied into accepting bigger phones. I’m torn between liking a 5″ and a 5.5″ phone. they both have advantages but with Daydream needing 5.5″ there is only one choice

Benjamin Dobell

Given there’s a “competing” OS called SailfishOS, naming the device “Sailfish” would be both a douchebag, and marketing genius, move.

Huge Jackman

Sexus, then Plexus.

(Google it, kids).


Perhaps the continuing naming of the Nexus should include the OS in the name. Since Google loves promoting their new OS improvements. So going by that theme, you would have Nexus Nougat 5 (Long but doable) and Nexus Nougat 6. So you are promoting the new phone and OS at the same time, and easier to keep track which model got it first.
Or, drop the Nexus altogether and just have Nougat 5, Nougat 6?… and since its a lolly, its sweeet 🙂

Phill Edwards

Please don’t let it be something dull and Microsofty like Nexus 2016!


Nexus 6Q
Nexus 5Y

In all honesty, I don’t know, but I do think they need to move away from this Nexus (screen size)(letter) nomenclature. Now we’ve run into 6P and 5X, if the next ones are also named 6(letter) and 5(letter), it’s going to be a confusing mess.


Nexus 17 and Nexus 17+